VANSHAJ PRADHAN OF RDPS SCORED 96.2% AND POORNIMA SEERVI OF RDPS SCORED 92.6% IN CBSE 10TH BOARD EXAMINATION 2020-21. Deepika seervi, class 12th science of RDPS Bilara has scored 95.4% in CBSE class 12th board examination 2020-21. Khushwant seervi of RDPS, bilara class 10th student received certificate of merit from CBSE, delhi for scoring 100/100 marks in mathematics in CBSE board examination. Admissions for session 2021-22 has been started. Kindly fill the online form for new admission or fill the admission form in the school office.

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Saturday, Jul 10, 2021

Notification As we all are in pandemic situation, where we cannot interact with each other physically. From last academic era we have a very little interaction with each other and with students. But now in the coming academic session, RDPS is in a thought to make the online classes similar to physical classes. We have already started working on MS teams app for classes 10th to 12th. In juniors also we are in thought of conducting regular online classes through virtual platforms. Further, to have a responsive and conducive relation, interaction and classes for students, I am here deputing some teachers to comply their responsibilities during online classes as well as physical classes:- Sr. No Responsible Unit/Department/Work In-Charge Their duties 1. MS Teams app Mrs. Shachi Dadhich To maintain the MS teams app and help out students and teachers during the online classes through MS Teams app. 2. Weekly co-curricular activities/Cultural Activities/Competitions,etc. Master. Dileep choudhary,Cultural Prefect under the guidance of Mrs. Manju Vaishnav and Kumari. Poornima Seervi,Head-Girl. To check out the academic co-curricular calendar and conduct weekly activities through virtual mode in consultation with supervision In-charges. 3. Co-Curricular activities organized by CBSE. Kumari. Lakshita Tak, Cultural Prefect under the guidance of Mrs. Manju Vaishnav and Master. Vanshaj Pradhan, Head-Boy. To check out the CBSE academic website and conduct activities through virtual mode organized by CBSE in consultation with supervision In-charges. 4. E-Magazine. Mr. Ashu Mathur, Mrs. Neha Jain and Kumari. Poornima seervi, Head-Girl and Kumari. Harshita, Vice Head-Girl. To maintain the records of all the activities of the academic session and then to draft a academic E-magazine in consultation with The Principal. 5. Online classes in Junior section. Mr. Kailash Chandra. To guide teachers and parents regarding online classes through virtual platforms. 6. Online Examination. Mrs. Shachi Dadhich. To plan out, conduct and guide the teachers and students regarding internal examination being conducted through virtual mode. 7. School daily update on Internet, Facebook, YouTube,Twitter. Ms. Khushboo Mishra To update daily news,updates and events on social media platforms. 8. Sports related activities. Master. Rakesh Jakhar and Master.Mahendra V, Sports prefect under the supervision of Mr. Narendra and Master. Divyank Seervi, Vice Head-Boy. To conduct mutual sports activities through virtual mode according to the academic calendar. The Academic calendar will be released shortly on our school website and will be shared with you, above mentioned all the In-Charges have to work accordingly for their supervision department. This order will take place with immediate effect and all the In-Charges will start their work with immediate effect. I don’t only hope but believe that we all together will make the online classes work like physical classes and will make the future of students brighter and more brighter. Regards Principal Rani Devendra Kumari Public School. Date: 09/07/2021.
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