Khushwant seervi of Rani Devendra Kumari Public School scored 95.6% (100 out of 100 marks in mathematics) in CBSE class-10th board exams 2019-20.
Khushwant seervi of RDPS, bilara class 10th student received certificate of merit from CBSE, delhi for scoring 100/100 marks in mathematics in CBSE board examination.
Admissions for session 2021-22 has been started. Kindly fill the online form for new admission or fill the admission form in the school office.
Divyansh Tandi of Rani Devendra Kumari Public School (Class 5th) had scored 44/50 marks in National science online olympiad and secured All India 88 Rank.
Covid-19 Guidelines

Safety Rules for Parents /Guardians after opening of school

# As per government's guidelines we are opening school for 9th to 12th class from 18th january,2021.
  1. Provide written consent of your ward to attend school if you wish to send them school.
  2. Ensure that your ward goes school wearing a mask and guide them not to exchange mask with other.
  3. Encourage your ward to wear full-sleeved clothes to minimize the interaction with any public surface.
  4. Parents may take care not to send their ward to school if the child is not feeling well.
  5. Ask your ward to practice Physical/social distancing at all time once he/she leaves home.
  6. Clean and sanitize your ward’s uniform and other belonging daily.
  7. Ensure that your ward maintains personal hygiene such as bathing, brushing teeth properly twice a day (in the morning and before sleeping ) and trimming of nails.
  8. Provide two clean small napkin /clean cloth daily with your ward for wiping hands.
  9. Give healthy food ,fresh fruits ,and clean water in their lunch box and water bottle and advise your ward not to share their Tiffin and water bottle with other.

Emergency Response team (ERT) for Covid-19 Safety

Name of the member Designation in Emergency response team
Mrs. Kiran Pradhan President (ERT)
Mr. Rajeev Pradhan Secretary (ERT)
Mrs. Neha jain Teacher member
Mr. Rahul Gupta Teacher member
Abhishek Rathore Student member
Tanu udawat Student member

General Support Team for Covid-19 Safety

Name of the member Designation in General support team
Mr. Rajeev Pradhan Secretary
Mr. Jugal Kishore Teacher member
Mrs. Manju vaishnav Teacher member
Dhananjay Seervi Student member
Amrita Student member

Hygiene Inspection Team for covid-19 Safety

Name of the member Designation in Hygiene Inspection team
Mr. Rajeev Pradhan Secretary
Mr. Ashu mathur Teacher member
Ms. Khushboo mishra Teacher member
Vanshaj Pradhan Student member
Poornima seervi Student member
Contact details of above mentioned teams:-
7023003246, 7023003247 or write us on [email protected]

#You can also download the guidelines and list of all the task teams from the 'download' section of our website.
RegardsRani devendra kumari public school.