Khushwant seervi of Rani Devendra Kumari Public School scored 95.6% (100 out of 100 marks in mathematics) in CBSE class-10th board exams 2019-20.
Khushwant seervi of RDPS, bilara class 10th student received certificate of merit from CBSE, delhi for scoring 100/100 marks in mathematics in CBSE board examination.
Admissions for session 2021-22 has been started. Kindly fill the online form for new admission or fill the admission form in the school office.
Divyansh Tandi of Rani Devendra Kumari Public School (Class 5th) had scored 44/50 marks in National science online olympiad and secured All India 88 Rank.
Examination Rules & Regulations
Rani Devendra Kumari Public School follow the following Examination and Promotion Policy as CBSE Norms: Periodical Test Rules: ( For class IX &X)
  • It will be taken three times in a session on separate answer sheet.
  • It will cover the syllabus taught recently ( three or four chapter only)
  • Top two scored marks will be considered for final calculation in 10 marks weight age.

Class Test Rules:

  • Test in every subject is taken on every alternate week ( at least two times in a month) .
  • One subject will be taken in one day.
  • Pre information about test & lessons are given in students diary as HW.
  • The Class test notebooks are managed /kept by the subject teacher in the school ( From 1 to V) . The students of class 6 onwards would manage their own test notebooks.
  • It will always carry maximum 20 marks of ½ hour duration .
  • Test would be exempted during long holidays ( Diwali break & winter break) and one week before term end examination (TEE).
  • If there is any holiday ,the pending test will be taken on next day along with other scheduled test .
  • Its marks would be given weightage of 10 marks in every exam. Top two test marks would be considered so the Parents should encourage the child to do better in every next test.

Examination Rules :

  • Students will be promoted in the next class only after passing D grade or 33 % in all the subject separate and aggregate. However no fail rule is practiced in this school upto primary /middle classes.
  • Compartment/ Improvement will be given in case the students gets 32 marks or below.
  • The date of examination can not be proponed / postponed unless it is officially changed.
  • Child absent from any examination will not be re-examined in any cases. Subject enrichment activities , Oral, Assignment , Project can be taken before or later on.
  • 75 % attendance is compulsory for the students to appear in the examination. ( Medical leave can be considered)
  • Both Grade & Marks will be reflected in the Report card.
  • Question in the class test/ exam may be asked from mid of the chapter not only from the exercise given in the book.
  • Hard word / diagram/ summary/ unseen passage / reading comprehension may be given without making revision in any exam or test.
  • Late submission of assignment & project may reduce one mark . Assignment & Project prepared by other will be declared unaccepted and will be given 0 2 marks only.
  • Answer sheet of exam is shown on pre planned scheduled day only .It will not be shown later on.It will never be shown without parents / guardian.
  • Oral will be taken on the same day of written examination.
  • No question can be raised on the marking decision of the subject teacher. Complain can be made to the principal if any discrimination/mistakes is seen.


  • Please go through the class test / revision test/ assignment/ C.W /HW attentively to know the pattern of questions to be asked in the examination.
  • Exam datesheet will be supplied to the students in diary before 15 days of examination.
  • The students will not be allowed to appear in the examination if fee are not paid upto the month.

[Syllabus Guideline]

  • Note: The syllabus exam wise/Term wise will be supplied to the students before one month or in the beginning of the term . If any change is made ,the students will be informed through school diary.
  • Any chapter, topic or exercise may be skipped off or left because of their irrelevancy or lack of time ( From 1 to VIII)
  • Class test / Assignment/ Projects/Oral/Activity/ note book submission are equally important to stand in position or obtaining good grade in the final assessment. So parents are requested to give due importance of these assessments. Please go through the Class Test / Revision Test/ Home Assignment/ C.W/Worksheet attentively to know the pattern of questions to be asked in the examination.

Exam / Periodical Test schedule 2020-21

Class Examination Date Day
I to V 1st Evaluation (I Term) 21th -26st August 2020 Friday
2nd Evaluation ( II Term) 23rd to 28th November2020 Monday
3rd Evaluation ( III Term) As Depend on Board Exam March Ist Week
VI to VIII I Term Examination 21st to 26thSeptember 2020 Monday
II Term Examination As Depend on Board Exam March Ist Week
IX to XII Periodical Test 1/Unit Test(XI/XII) 4th to 8th August 2020 Tuesday
(Half Yearly)Periodical Test 2/Unit Test-II(XI/XII) 21st to 26thSeptember 2020 Monday
Periodical Test 3/Unit Test(XI/XII) I Pre-Board(For Class X and XII) 23rd to 28th November2020 Monday
II Pre board Exam ( For X,XII only) 15th to 19th December 2020 Tuesday
III Pre board Exam ( For X only) 21th to 27th January 2021 Monday
IV Pre board Exam (For X Only) 01 Feb to 6th Feb 2020 Monday
Final examination ( For All Classes) As per CBSE board exam datasheet As per CBSE board exam datasheet
Final Examination ( For X) As per CBSE board exam datasheet As per CBSE board exam datasheet

Class Test Schedule & Rules:

Schedule:FIRST WEEK ( Of Month) SECOND WEEK ( Of Month)
DAY SUBJECT Subject Day Subject Subject
Class 1 to 5 6 to 10 Class 1 to 5 6 to 10
Monday English English Monday EVS Science
Tuesday ****** ****** Tuesday GK/Computer G.K/Com-
Wednesday Hindi Hindi Wednesday G.k Sanskrit
Thursday ****** ****** Thursday Computer G.K/Com
Friday Maths Maths Friday G.K S.St
Friday ****** ****** Saturday Computer Sanskrit/GK/Com
Note: * means “ No test”. -Test of Sanskrit/GK/Comp will be taken according to the day falls in class timetable.


Class Exam Syllabus in % Revision
1 to 5 I Term 30 % No revision
II Term 30 % ( Middle) 15 % revision in Maths, grammar & GK only
III Term 40 % (Last) 25 % in Maths, grammar & G.K. only
6 to 8 I term 50 % No revision
II Term 50 % ( Last) 10 % revision in class VI ( All Sub)
20 % Revision in Class VII ( All Sub)
30 % Revision in class VIII ( All Sub
9th & 10th No term P.A Exam As per CBSE Curriculum From 1st to last chapter will be asked as scheme wise break up as per board rules
11th 12th No Term Unit Test As per CBSE Curriculum From 1st to last chapter will be asked as scheme wise break up as per board rules